Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Ishikawa Kaito tells us about how he finally made some friends after all those past school years, where he didn’t make any.

Ishikawa Kaito: In middle school I didn’t really have any friends, as well in high school and in university I didn’t get a chance.

Saito Soma: Hey! Hey! Hey!

(Ishikawa Kaito laughing)

Ishikawa Kaito: But as of now…

Sakuya Shunsuke: There’s a lot now.

Ishikawa Kaito: Yes, there’s a lot in this industry. 

Announcer: Hey! Hey! Shouldn’t you feel sorry for Saito-kun right now?

Ishikawa Kaito: He even backed me up, I’m sorry.

Saito Soma: Geez! No way!

Ishikawa Kaito: Umm…

(Saito Soma taps on Ishikawa Kaito’s head)

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love this couple lol

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what you see


what I see


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sensei just can’t catch a break

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This show, “Aoi Honoo” (Blue Blazes), though. lol. 

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Makoto Ending

This is a continuation of the Monthly Free! Crossover.
You can see the first part here.
I’ll be adding different Endings of who Nozaki and Mikoshiba pair Haru with.
Different endings: Pool, Rin, Makoto
True Ending is Rin and Makoto

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